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Your savings could amount to
34 Euro per month      (403 Euro per year)

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New technology saving

We are glad that you visited our site, because it is proof that you are looking for an effective solution to save water and therefore money. ECOTAP is a product which uses tap – one of the most used devices. The tap which you have now at your home causes that you waste treated water and warm water. You use about 90% water, which you don’t need!! Aerators are devices that save water nowadays. Aerators do not work well, because they aerate water and reduce the flow of water. ECO TAP compared to aerators is revolution.

Why aerators are not competing with the patented ECO-TAP equipment?

Aerators reduces flow of water only! Soon water will flow from the tap really hard. If you want to save money you can also unscrew the tap only halfway. The idea and principle of operation of ECO-TAP is completely different! ECO TAP uses control valve of tap because of this water flow all the time you want and how much you want. You can see it on the movie on the right side.
When we designed ECO_TAP we wanted to do simple, effective, cheap, easy in installation addition to the taps, which you can commonly use. We believe that the benefits (not only savings, but also hygienic) which provides ECO TAP, make it more frequently instal in households, hotels, hospitals, schools, public toilets.

Energy saving by ECO-TAP

    standard tap ECO-TAP
efficiency of tap  l / min 12  2
daily water consumption  l 96 16
monthly water consumption cold 1,44 m3 0,24 m3
hot 1,44 m3 0,24 m3
monthly cost with the wastewater cold 11,52 zł 1,92 zł
hot 31,68 zł 5,28 zł
amount 43,20 zł 7,20 zł
the annual cost of consumption   518,40 zł 86,40 zł

We present a chart of calculations for water and money savings when you apply eco-tap. More informations and description how to count savings you find in section savings. For four people family savings can amount 403 euro per year.

Eco Tap and hygiene:

EcoTap change hygiene manner at the sink. Please note if you want to wash your hands you must use dirty hand to unscrew the tap. This causes that you leave germs on the knob. Then after washing your hands you touch this dirty knob again, when you want to bend it round. Eco tap allows any dirt and germs flow down! – without touching.